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17th November 2015 – Next date for thermal Imaging at Waterside Dental Care, Rochdale

Published on 27th October 2015

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive health screen. Using a special camera that records the heat in the body the trained thermographer scans the chosen area and each side of the body is compared to identify areas that are not symmetrical. If a blue area is noticed it might be a blockage or an area that shows redder could be inflammation from damage or disease. Thermography can be used as an overall health check or to diagnose areas of damage as sometimes the site can be away from the injured area. It can identify pre-cancerous changes earlier, for example 8 years before mammography in breast tissue and it is considerably more comfortable than mammography and invaluable for people with breast implants.

The options we can offer are are a full body scan, a half body, a specific area and a breast scan.  The results of the scan are sent to America for interpretation by medical consultants and a report highlighting any areas of possible concern is then emailed or posted to the patient . The report can be taken to the GP for further investigations if necessary.

 One of the ladies who had thermography  last year found out that despite having no symptoms she had changes in her ovaries and with a family history of early death from ovarian cancer she was able to take the necessary action to safeguard her future health. 

The are only a few spaces left on 17th November so please call us on 01706 632661 if you would like more information about this invaluable health screen.

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