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We want to help even the most nervous patient achieve a healthy mouth and attractive smile

Waterside Dental Care has established a reputation for being able to help our patients achieve their dental needs, no matter how nervous they might be about having treatment. From the first contact with our friendly receptionists and throughout the consultation and treatment planning in our modern, welcoming practice we aim too make the experience as positive and stress free as possible.

We offer the full range of dental treatments available to restore, replace and improve teeth and have the services of a dental hygienist for specialised gum therapy. We work closely with some incredibly skilled and attentive laboratory technicians to provide you with the highest standards of restorations.

In for a long appointment? feeling a little apprehensive? why not take your mind off the treatment by watching a film or TV show on our home theatre glasses. They’re amazing and a real patient favourite!

And don’t worry about any discomfort, we use the strongest topical anaesthetic gels to ‘numb the gums’ before administering the local anaesthetic to freeze the tooth.


If even after you’ve experienced the friendly charm of our staff and team you still feel the thought of treatment is a little overwhelming we are proud to offer the option of sedation to help patients through longer or more stressful appointments. This involves the administration of a relaxant drug into the back of the hand that brings on a feeling of calm and relaxation you are still able to hear us and respond to instructions. An escort is needed to take the patient home after the appointment if sedation is used.

New patients are welcome

We welcome all new patients to the practice. One of the most common things we see are patients who have put off coming to the dentist due to fear or sadly embarrassment. Firstly, we can guarantee no matter how bad you feel the situation is, we’ve seen it before and we can help. Equally, if you’re happy with your teeth but want friendly, diligent care we can help you too.  We also offer direct access to the hygienist without having to see the dentist first.

In some cases you may be happy and registered elsewhere but seek a specific treatment and again, we would love to help you and work with your dentist to achieve your goals and ensure your ongoing care is managed correctly. We accept referrals directly from other dentists in the area too.

Practice facilities

We have car parking available at the front and rear of the practice with ramps for disabled access and we have a downstairs treatment room that can accommodate a wheelchair. Our comfortable reception has a hearing loop, hot and cold drinks, newspapers, magazines, information books and a TV. Late evening and Saturday morning appointments are available.

Get in touch

Please contact us on 01706 632 661, or email practice@waterside-dentalcare.co.uk for a free introductory appointment to see how we might help you solve your dental problem.

Gentle Dental Care to help you Smile with Confidence

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