Dental Hygienist Gum Therapy Treatments

Healthy gums are essential to preserving natural teeth and dental implants

Our Dental Hygienist is a trained specialist in identifying and treating gum disease, as well as keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

During your appointments she will assess any problem areas, gently remove any deposits that are irritating your gums and give advice to ensure you can keep your mouth healthy between visits, then arrange follow-up visits tailored to your requirements. Should residual areas of gum infection remain we may prescribe additional gum therapy treatments such as specific antimicrobials or laser periodontal treatment.

We have found that the main problem faced by our patients is not tooth decay but gum disease, which affects 80% of the adult population in varying degrees. Early signs can include sensitivity, gum bleeding, bad breath or bad tastes. However if the disease progresses it can lead to loose teeth and has been linked to heart disease, bacterial lung infections, premature births and strokes. Many people are unaware they have it. Smokers, those with diabetes, health complications or overstressed are most at risk.

The Bad News is that gum disease cannot be cured as it can flare up at any
time throughout your life. The Good News is that it can be controlled by effective tooth cleaning and the removal of plaque toxins.

Most patients on regular hygiene maintenance visits choose to cover their ongoing fees by joining our Waterside Dental Care Plan.

Direct Access to the Dental Hygienist

It is now possible for patients to directly access the services of a dental hygienist without seeing a dentist first, whilst still maintaining their registration with their current dentist if they wish.

Waterside Dental Care is happy for our hygienist to provide this service for patients in order to improve the health of their mouth.

The fee for this service is £85.00 for a 30 minute appointment and we would provide a written estimate of any necessary treatment after an assessment of your current gum health.

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Call us on 01706 632 661 if you would like to arrange a Direct Access appointment with our Hygienist.

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