Dental Bonding

Achieving cosmetic improvements semi-permanently

Composite Edge Bonding is a relatively new treatment and is becoming more and more popular. It involves in adding a small amount of cosmetic white filling material around the edges of the teeth to change their shape and make them appear more symmetrical, subtle and cosmetic. It can be used to close small gaps or make teeth longer. We do advise if considering dental bonding to strongly consider whitening your teeth prior to this treatment. 

There is NO DRILLING, NO PAIN and NO NEEDLES needed (unless you ask to be numbed of course) and the underlying tooth is not affected, we simply add the white filling to the tooth and blend it by polishing. The treatment is often completed in a single session and can have a tremendous effect on our patients confidence. 

Because of the way they are placed there isn’t a ‘lifespan’ as such. What this means is that if they chip or wear over time they won’t all need replacing at the same time because more can be bonded to the existing filling and polished in to restore the perfect finish.


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