Dental Veneers

Achieving a new smile using wafer-thin attachments of porcelain

Porcelain Veneers are a stunning cosmetic treatment to correct the shape, colour and size of your teeth. They involve the bonding of a very thin layer of porcelain (in most cases less than 1mm in thickness) to the tooth after it has been prepared and impressions or a 3D digital scan taken. They can provide a drastic improvement in appearance and can be completed in as little as a week between 2 appointments.

How Long Do They Last?

Based on the best evidence we, as dentists currently can draw upon, we can estimate that in a patient who maintains a relatively low sugar diet, an acceptable standard of oral hygiene, does not smoke and maintains regular dental check ups and hygienist appointments, we would expect approximately 10 years.

That said, at Waterside we pride ourselves on our focus to maintain healthy mouths and this starts with your gums, the most common reason for replacing veneers. Avoiding Gum Disease is key to long term success and as such we advise all our patients to maintain regular visits to our hygienist and would hope our patients with veneers would enjoy many more years than we estimate.It can be difficult to have a stunning smile if the teeth are discoloured, broken, heavily filled or out of line.

Veneers can be made for a single tooth that might be dark from having a root treatment, or for all the teeth to provide the perfect smile.

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