Smile Makeover

Creating your ideal smile

TV makeover programmes demonstrate that by improving our smile it can have amazing results in how we look, and it’s the first thing people notice about us. It is so important in both our personal and professional life that we can feel we can smile with confidence.

Having studied “Hollywood Smile”procedures in London and New York, our team at Waterside Dental Care have helped many patients throughout Gtr Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire and beyond to have a smile that lights up their face and they are proud to show.

Please talk to us if you feel embarrassed by your smile

A new smile usually involves some straightening, lengthening, reshaping and whitening of the existing teeth. This can be achieved using the appropriate selection from composite or porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, bridges, implants and laser gum contouring. Sometimes straightening or whitening treatments are also required. Patients have a choice of colour and whether they prefer a natural or a glamour smile.

We feel that it is important before embarking on any cosmetic treatment that we all understand what can be achieved as everyone’s mouth is different. Therefore our planning stages include creating a smile in wax on a mould of our patient’s mouth to see what is possible and which teeth need correcting. We aim to make our temporary coverings as realistic as possible to give our patients the chance to live with their new look and feedback to us any changes that they might like before the final fixing. This way we strive to produce the smile the patient has always wanted.

With the patient’s consent we are proud to show photographs of some of the smiles we have created and the positive impact on their lives.

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