Dental Implants


Treatment: removal of failing upper teeth, placement of 4 implants and immediate replacement with fixed implant bridgework. Temporary bridgework replaced after six months healing.


Meeting an old friend and comparing photographs showed this lady how much her teeth had moved over the years and she was worried that some were becoming loose. She had a trip to Canada planned and wished to feel secure with her smile. Sadly gum disease had slowly affected the bony support of the teeth and they were become loose. She did not wish a denture so the treatment option she preferred was the removal of the teeth and the immediate placement of four implants and a fixed framework.

We worked with the specialist from Same Day Smiles for this treatment. She saw our hygienist at monthly intervals for six months whilst the implants and gum healed and then the permanent fixed restoration was provided. Long term she will continue with hygienist visits every three months to ensure that the area is kept as clean as possible so that the restoration is not compromised.

She is delighted with the result and the confidence it has given to her.


Treatment: Implant crown for upper left front tooth


This patient had broken his front tooth in an accident when he was younger and the tooth had needed root filling and a crown to restore it. Unfortunately the tooth root had broken and he was having considerable difficulty as his front crown was continually being lost and the damage to the tooth meant it was unsaveable.

In one appointment his remaining tooth was removed and an implant fitted. He then chose to wear a small partial plate for 3 months whilst the implant became fixed into the bone. We were then able to satisfactorily restore the tooth for him with an implant crown and he is delighted with the result.

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