Treatment: Chemical Peel, Botox, Tooth whitening


Her daughter’s wedding had made Denise want to look her best and she came to us for advice, as she wanted to look good on the day. To improve her teeth we provided custom made trays for her to carry out a home whitening treatment, which improved the colour by 9 Shades. A chemical peel helped to restore the vitality of her skin and remove some fine lines around her cheeks. Using muscle-relaxing injections we smoothed her frown line, some lines around her eyes and defined her lower jaw by reducing the jowls and so making her face appear thinner.


Treatment: Botox


Dean was concerned about the deep lines in his forehead and between his eyes and despite his worry about needles, was determined to have treatment to improve his appearance. Muscle-relaxing injections smoothed his forehead but still left some expression. When the lines started to re-appear after about four months he was more than happy to book in again for more of the same as it made him feel better about himself.

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