Smile Makeover

Patient: JP

Treatment: Smile makeover for upper and lower teeth


This lady had veneers on her front teeth that had started to chip and she was embarrassed by her smile and the colour of her teeth. In addition, her lower teeth were wearing down and she was becoming over-closed, which in time can lead to problems in her jaw joint.

Before embarking on any treatment our Dental Technician designed a new smile in wax on study models to assess the improvement that could be achieved.

We provided the treatment to her upper teeth in Summer 2012, however she was unable to attend for her lower teeth to be improved until 2013 due to pressure of work.

Finally she has the smile she always wanted and she is thrilled with the result, as are we all in the practice. A stunning smile for a stunning lady!

Patient: JH

Treatment: Home whitening for his lower teeth, Veneers and crowns for eleven upper teeth.


This gentleman had always been embarrassed by his smile as he was missing some permanent teeth and so had gaps between his teeth and he felt the shape and colour was unsightly. His profession involves communicating with people all the time and he felt his reluctance to smile was a disadvantage. He particularly wanted whiter teeth that showed more when he smiled but did not want them too perfect. He was unconcerned about the gap between his lower front teeth , which runs in his family.

Initially he started with home whitening for his lower teeth to get them closer to the colour he was seeking. He approved the wax-up of his new smile, which involved all the teeth that showed when he smiled. Once he could visualise the results that could be obtained over as little as two weeks then he wished the procedure to be completed as quickly as possible.

He says everyone has noticed as now he can’t stop smiling!

Patient: SP

Treatment: BriteSmile then 4 veneers


This patient had always had a gap between her upper front teeth and had been relatively unconcerned about it. However, during a visit with the hygienist she enquired if an improvement might be possible.

After ensuring the health of her gums a wax-up was made of how the teeth could be adjusted and improved. She was initially unsure whether to continue with a small gap so her temporary veneers were made without a gap to allow her to experience the new look before her permanent veneers were completed. However after a day without the gap she rang the practice to ask that her permanent veneers were not made with a gap as she much preferred this appearance.


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