Dental Implants

A permanent replacement for missing teeth

Dental implants are the most natural and effective way of replacing missing teeth. The treatment involves placing an artificial tooth root made of titanium into the jawbone so it can support the appropriate restoration. Waterside Dental Care are one of the leading providers of dental implants and help patients throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Implants can be used in either the upper or lower jaw and advances in treatment can mean that even where bone is limited a successful result can still be achieved, although pre-planning with a bone scan may be required. After placing the implant a healing period of about three months is usually required for the bone to grow into the implant to secure it into place before it can be permanently restored. There are many different types of implants available, however our implant surgeon prefers Nobel Biocare™ for reliability.

Replacing a single missing tooth


The methods for replacing a single tooth are:

  1. A removable denture, made from conventional denture plastic or from the flexible Valplast denture material.
  2. A dental bridge which may involve preparing the teeth on either side of the gap to hold an additional tooth to fill the gap. The condition of these adjacent teeth is crucial to the design and success of the bridge, and they may need some tooth removal to be adequate retainers.
  3. A single dental implant, provided that the amount of remaining bone is sufficient to hold the implant and the contour of the gums and the lips means that a cosmetic result can be achieved.

After placement the implant will need a healing period for the bone to lock it into place, after which it can be used to hold an implant attachment and crown.

Replacing multiple adjacent missing teeth


Where there is a large gap or no posterior tooth, as an alternative to a denture, it is possible to use two implants to support a bridge restoration to replace three missing teeth. This relies on there being enough remaining bone and no nerves in close proximity to the possible implant sites.

Securing full dentures


Many people find their dental bone shrinks to such an extent that they struggle to secure their full dentures, even after using denture fixative. This is common for the lower jaw. A way of providing more security is by placing two or more implants into the bone and using an attachment in the fitting surface of the denture to clip onto these implants. If the patient’s current dentures are adequate they could be adapted for the implants, or new dentures provided.

Replacing full dentures with fixed implant-retained bridgework


The All-on-4 technique ( Same Day Smiles)

Many patients with full dentures or with failing teeth who do not wish dentures are taking advantage of a wonderful advancement using four or more implants to hold a fixed bridge that replaces all the smile teeth. Even when patients have worn an upper full denture for many years and there is little remaining bone, the newer designs of implants (zygomatic implants) can ensure a successful result. Depending of the degree of surgical intervention, for example if teeth need to be removed, a provisional bridge may be fitted at the time of the implant placement, but this will need replacing as the underlying bone heals and the gum contour changes.

Same Day Smiles: It is possible with thorough planning to remove the failing teeth, fit the implants and a provisional fixed bridge on the same day. This provisional bridge is not strong enough for long term wear and after healing, usually six to twelve months, it will need replacing with one with a stronger substructure. Long term it is essential that regular hygienist visits are maintained to ensure the health of the gums and implants.

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