Natural-looking and bespoke to you

If you’re wearing dentures, that should be our secret

There is no substitute for your own teeth for both appearance and function and making dentures that perform as well as natural teeth is one of the most difficult challenges of modern dentistry. We are privileged to have a high-tech dental laboratory on the premises and the award-winning dental technicians are available for consultations before and during your treatment.

Taking time to get the best result

It is true to say that good dentures can improve your quality of life. At Waterside Dental Care we aim to surpass your expectations, making sure you have an attractive appearance and can eat comfortably.

Our reputation for excellent denture provision has been developed over more than thirty years and includes post-graduate experience with tuition from the most eminent specialists in this field.

Providing the dentures to restore your mouth takes place over a number of appointments, depending on how many teeth need replacing. Initially we take accurate measurements and recordings of your mouth so that we can create the denture in wax. This allows us to check all the essentials and you (and your family if you wish) can see them in your mouth and amend or approve them until everyone is happy. Once the wax has been converted into the plastic it is difficult to make amendments so we like to spend our time in the preparation stages to ensure our patient will be happy with the finished result.

Dental Implants to help to stabilise loose dentures

If you have problems with existing loose dentures, dental implants can provide an anchor to help reduce movement and make them feel more comfortable, secure and effective.

Long term care for patients with full dentures

Although you may have no natural teeth of your own, long term we invite you to attend for a clinical examination every year so that we can ensure that should you develop any diseases of the mouth that they are diagnosed and treated early. We also ensure that your dentures continue to meet your requirements and can provide a laboratory polishing to maintain their lustre.

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