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We are proud to announce that as an Invisalign Platinum Provider we are able to offer all patients a FREE 3D  DIGITAL SMILE SIMULATION using the latest in digital scanning technology to take a detailed digital 3D image of your teeth and within 15 minutes show you what your dream smile could look like!

Call 01706 632661 or email practice@waterside-dentalcare.co.uk to make an appointment for your FREE 3D Smile Simulation

Your Straightening  Options:

Invisalign™ is recognised worldwide as the industry leader in invisible braces and can treat a wide range of crooked or spaced teeth. All your treatment is planned digitally before we start, so that we can provide you with a simulation of how your teeth will look once they have been straightened.

At Waterside we have state of the art 3D digital scanners meaning NO messy impressions and gagging. We can also provide you with an immediate simulation of how they will potentially look there and then!

We fit a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that you change every week for a new set of aligners, custom made to your mouth. Each week they will progressively straighten. With treatment times averaging between 3-12 months, you can have your perfect smile much sooner than you think!

Call in for your FREE 3D Smile Simulation and take advantage of our offer of FREE Whitening and Removable Retainers (worth £500.00).

Invisalign Before and After

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Quick Straight Teeth™ are a modern take on the classic metal braces, instead replacing silver brackets and wires for ceramic brackets and tooth coloured wires. They are great for mild to moderately crooked teeth and generally treatment times usually fall within 3 to 9 months with minimal discomfort. It is suitable for patients who are 15 years and over with crooked or spaced teeth.

Inquire now to take advantage of our offer of FREE Retainers and Tooth Whitening (worth £500.00).

(Quick Straight Teeth  and Tooth Whitening)

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