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A Free Introductory Appointment

Trust goes both ways, and we feel that in order to provide the best care for our patients, we need time to develop a rapport and build a sound working relationship. We therefore invite you to arrange a convenient time to visit the practice, enjoy a nice coffee, get to know the place and meet some of our team to discuss your treatment requirements and concerns before investing in our full consultation.

From December 2018 we will be offering all patients, new and existing the opportunity to drop in at any time (if you can, phone ahead but don’t worry if its a spur of the moment thing!) and have a FREE digital scan of your teeth and a FREE smile simulation to show how your teeth could look if they were cosmetically straightened. We even send you the simulation via email so you can look at it at your leisure.

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Full Consultation

Our full new patient consultation appointment lasts approximately an hour with time for discussions about your wishes and concerns. It includes a full examination of your mouth, jaw joints, teeth, gums and smile, plus any necessary x-rays and other investigations. After we have reviewed all the gathered information there would be a planning appointment, often on a separate date, to discuss the options available to you. We provide all the necessary information, including a written estimate of costs, so that you can decide which course of treatment best suits you. The fee for our full consultation also includes this treatment planning appointment.

A Guide To Our Fees

Every patient receives a written estimate of any proposed treatment before any treatment commences. Where appropriate we can also discuss options for financing more extensive treatment as we work with a number of finance agencies. Some options may be interest free. We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit/credit card, PayPal or BACS.

Our Fees

New Patient Examination
Inclusive of X-Rays and Treatment Planning £85
1 Hour Full Periodontal Assessment and Treatment £130
Initial Hygiene Assessment from £58
Direct Access Hygiene Visit from £58
Regular Patient
Dental Examination £49
Hygiene Maintenance Visits from £58
'Air Flow' Stain Removal (Includes Hygiene Maintenance appointment) from £85
X-Ray Services
Intra-Oral Small Film £15
OPG Full Mouth Jaw and Sinus Scan £35
Other Treatments
Silver Amalgam Fillings from £85
White Composite Fillings from £95
Crowns from £650
Maryland Bridges from £750
Conventional Bridges from £1200
Porcelain Veneers from £600
Composite Veneers £295
Tooth Whitening £250
Somnowell™ Chrome Anti-snoring device from £1600
Somnowell™ Clear Anti-snoring device from £650
Sinclair's Anti-Snoring Appliance From £250
Full Dentures from £1250
Acrylic Partial Dentures from £350
Flexible Partial Dentures £795
Cobalt-Chrome Metal Partial Dentures £950
Root Canal Treatment
Inscisor and Canine Root Canal Treatment £375
Premolar Root Canal Treatment £400
Molar Root Canal Treatment £450
Tooth Straightening (All Packages Include Complimentary Whitening) *Invisalign offer* - £500 off until Jan 2019!!
Invisalign™ Comprehensive Package £3600
Invisalign™ Lite (both arches) £3100
Invisalign™ Express (both arches) £2000
Quick Straight Teeth Braces (per arch) £1300
Lab-Made Clear Retainers (1 set) £125
Invisalign™ Vivera Retainers (3 sets) £350
Fixed Wire Retainers (each) £95
Composite Edge Bonding £250 per hour
Oral Surgery
Routine Extraction from £110
Complex Extraction £160
Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction £250
Intra-Venous Sedation £250 per session
Implant Services
Implant Surgery from £1100
Simple Bone Graft from £295
Advanced Bone Graft (eg: Sinus Lift) from £795
Single Implant Crown from £1200
Implant Retained Full Denture from £2995
Fixed Implant Bridge (3 Units) from £2100
Full Arch Fixed Bridge from £4500
Laser Treatments
Fillings as above
Implant Exposure Included in Implant fee
Gum Re-Contouring from £195
Crown Lengthening From £150
Coldsore Therapy £120
Non-Surgical Cosmetics and Skin Treatments
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (1 area) £180
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (2 Areas) £220
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (3 Areas) £250
Lip Fillers from £230
Cheek Enhancement from £250
Facial Volumising from £350
Nasal Re-shaping from £100
Medical Micro-Dermabrasion £60

Waterside Dental Care Plan

Many of our regular patients spread the cost of their routine maintenance visits by subscribing to our Waterside Dental Care Plan. This will cover the costs of the prescribed dental hygiene visits, either two or four per year, plus an annual full dental examination and any necessary x-rays. Should treatment be needed, plan patients will receive a 15% reduction on any costs. Patients are also covered for any treatment that arises due to unavoidable accidents. We are also proud to announce that under the plan, we are the only providers to offer implant insurance as standard. We have three grades so patients are enrolled on the grade that best meets their individual dental needs. Monthly fees range from £17.00 to £34.00.

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