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New Anti-snoring devices launched by Somnowell™

Published on 28th October 2015

Snoring can have a significant effect on health and relationships.  If people are unable to sleep properly they can be tired during the day so function less effectively. Some people snore so loudly that they are unable to share a bedroom with their partner.  Where people are diagnosed with sleep apnoea, whereby they stop breathing of minute intervals throughout the night they can be so affected that the DVLA considers that they should not drive.  In the past the only treatment prescribed has been wearing a positive pressure breathing machine, which some people find uncomfortable.

The Somnowell ™ anti-snoring device works by moving the lower jaw forward which increases the space for breathing meaning it can be less obstructed therefore easier and less noisy. The conventional device is made from a thin metal, skilfully designed to fit around natural teeth. It is sterilizable and will last for many years.  Sometimes patients can be wary about making the investment in the conventional device until they are sure that it would be effective for them. For this reason Somnowell™ have recently introduced a “starter” device using plastic in the place of some of the metal components.  This device will become discoloured and deteriorate but it can be refurbished to the regular device once the patient needs it.

Please contact us on 01706 632661 if you would like more information about these life changing devices. As registered and experienced practitioners the Waterside team can give you information and you are welcome to book a free introductory appointment to learn more.

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