A dental device to reverse the signs of facial ageing

As the years progress our muscles lose tone, then gravity causes sagging. Facially we exchange the high cheekbones of youth for jowls around our jaw line. Developed over many years by a leading London dentist, the Oralift™ dental device stimulates the muscle tone of the facial muscles giving subtle but noticeable improvements in the appearance of the skin and the shape of face and a reduction in wrinkles.

This technique is now available to patients throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire through Waterside Dental Care, Rochdale.

Oralift retrains the facial muscles

The Oralift™ treatment works on the principle of giving the facial muscles more stimulation so increases their blood supply and muscle tone. To achieve this the patient wears the device over their lower teeth and concentrates on stopping the upper teeth from touching it. Patients wishing to use the Oralift™ technique should have back teeth, although these could have been replaced with dentures or implant-retained restorations. It is a gradual technique whereby the time of wearing the device is gradually increased, as is the height of the appliance. Rest days between wearing it are essential as the muscles must have time to regenerate. The initial period of wear is four months, but after a rest of a further four months it can proceed again and continual improvements in appearance have been recorded over many years.



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