Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion facial is a deeply effective treatment for renewing a fresh, young-looking glow to your skin.

Microdermabrasion can best be described as plastic surgery without the plastic… or the surgery! It’s one of the simplest and least disruptive skin treatments and is ideal even for people with sensitive skin.

The microdermabrasion technique works with microcrystals, which are hard enough to disrupt unwanted tired skin cells that cause dull looking skin. But small enough not to do any damage or even cause discomfort or pain. The technique involves propelling the microcrystals across the skin’s surface, removing only the top layer of skin cells. This technology reveals new, living cells leaving a healthy glow. The epidermal layers of the skin are rejuvenated leading to collagen production and plumper skin.

The technique has been around since the 1980’s, however most of the treatment today tend to use diamond microdermabrasion which gives similar results to the crystal forms of treatment but with less discomfort and reduced reaction and redness to the skin.

The treatment is more often performed on the face but can also be used to treat other parts of the body such as chest, neck, arms, hands and back.

The benefits of microdermabrasion include:

  • Softening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing coarsely textured skin
  • Decreasing the appearance of blemishes
  • Decreasing the appearance of acne scarring
  • Reducing open pores
  • Reducing blackheads
  • Reducing the appearance of superficial hyper-pigmentation (age spots, sun spots).

It can also make it easier for skin care products to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin to help build collagen, which is what gives skin its youthful appearance.

Microdermabrasion is a progressive procedure and can achieve dramatic results. After the first session your skin will feel softer and you may see a very subtle improvement. For best results and to get a visible improvement it is recommended to have a course of treatments as the increased circulation within the dermis produces newer, healthier skin cells. Usually 3 to 6 treatments are recommended at approximately 2-4 weeks intervals to allow the recovery of the skin. Your practitioner will recommend the number that they feel will be appropriate for your skin type and condition.

Microdermabrasion Facial

Not only does undergoing a microdermabrasion facial mean not having any artificial or even natural substances injected, but it also works in harmony with your body. Once the treatment has removed dead and tired cells, your body will work to replace them with fresh, healthier looking skin.

Having a microdermabrasion facial does not cause any pain or even discomfort.

Not only can you return to your normal routine immediately after treatment, but you can even re-apply your make-up right away. The only real side effect is possible temporary redness of the skin, which soon fades. Other existing medical conditions should be highlighted during your consultation and advice will be given on an individual basis.

How will I feel during microdermabrasion facial treatment?

Microdermabrasion is a comfortable and painless procedure; the diamond microdermabrasion we use does not cause any unpleasant sensations.

Is microdermabrasion the right treatment for me?

Microdermabrasion treatment can be used to improve fine lines, superficial blemishes and marks, congested skin, mild pigmentary problems and generally become part of an anti aging treatment routine. Your consultation will be an opportunity to explore treatment solutions based on your exact needs.

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