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Most people want to see results from their skin care regimes but how many actually get them? Often non-prescriptive skin care programs offer feel-good, smell-nice lotions but they do not contain enough of the active ingredients to actually deliver results. We feel that the skincare products you use shouldn’t be based on a wish and a hope, they should be chosen based on factors that affect your skin. After considerable research the practitioners at Waterside choose to recommend ZOTM and Theraderm™ products.

ZO Skin Health, Medical Grade Skin Care


The ZO range has been developed by Dr Zein Obagi, world-renowned dermatologist who has over three decades of experience in skin health, formulating treatments and programs that create healthy skin. The ZO range is his newest range and offers the next generation of therapeutic skincare products and treatments. The range is for those who want something that works and are available only through skin health professionals.

ZO Skin Health: This offers a comprehensive array of products to support daily skin health and protection from the environment. The products contain more potent ingredients, concentrated formulas, and aggressive delivery systems than other non-prescription skincare programs. The range is easy to use and is tailored to match your skin condition. These can be used alone or used following any therapeutic treatment from the medical range to maintain results.

ZO Medical: Products, protocols and treatments to treat a wide range of skin disorders and chronic conditions, such as acne, rosacea, sun damage, ageing skin, hyperpigmentation along with many other conditions.

Your Practitioner will provide an initial consultation to assess your skin, and will then suggest the products that would be most suitable for your particular skin or set up a treatment protocol to treat any areas of concern.

Theraderm™ Skin Renewal System


The Skin Renewal System is a daily regimen composed of four essential products. Each step enhances the next, making this simple skin care routine a good choice to promote healthy, beautiful skin every day. There is an associated chemical peel to gain further rejuvenation.

System Includes:

Cleansing Wash – Cleanse your skin with this gentle, soap-free, surfactant wash formulated to leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed, not dry.

Fruit Acid Exfoliant – Exfoliate dulling skin cells and help stimulate collagen production with this lactic acid toner. Promotes a smooth, even surface for better results from moisturizers.

OPC Reparative Serum – Help repair skin’s signs of aging and prevent sun damage with this powerful antioxidant serum. Packed with oligomeric proanthocyanidns (OPCs) to optimize skin health.

Gentle Action Application Pads – Help enhance the efficacy of Fruit Acid Exfoliant

Choose one of three great moisturizers:

Peptide Hydrator – Peptide-infused moisturizer formulated for normal, combination or oil-prone skin.

Enriched Facial Moisturizer – Lanolin-based, deep moisturizer formulated for dry or mature skin.

Gentle Facial Moisturizer – Light moisturizer formulated for sensitive, allergy-prone or reactive skin.


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