Thermal Imaging

A non-invasive scan to identify areas of body damage

A comprehensive thermal imaging service is now available within the practice at Waterside Dental Care. This non-invasive scanning technique allows a diagnosis to be made by assessing the symmetry of the hot and cold areas around the body. Results are analysed by consultants in America. Working in partnership we are now able to offer thermal imaging in the practice.

This is a non-invasive scanning technique with a number of clinical uses:

  1. As a screening tool, to identify early lesions before they are clinically evident
  2. As a diagnostic tool to define the extent of a lesion of which a diagnosis has previously been made
  3. To localise an abnormal area not previously identified
  4. To monitor healing after injury before returning to work or training
  5. To check the health of breast implants

The diagnosis is made by assessing the symmetry of the hot and cold areas around the body as an area of inflammation or injury will have a more intense blood supply around it and an area of blockage would have colder patches. The results are analysed by consultants in America and the report emailed back within a week.

Thermal imaging can detect abnormal changes for example in breast tissue about 8 years before conventional mammography and is more useful for younger women. It is particularly valuable for assessing breast implants to ensure there are no inflammatory changes that might indicate a failure of the implant.

There are interesting case studies and further information on the types of pain and disorder that thermal imaging can help to identify on the Meditherm website.

There is a choice between having a full body scan (£350), a half body scan (£295) or a localised area (£130). Breast screening is £130 with a follow-up scan three months later (£130).

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